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Senior couple selling home filled with decades of possessions

We selected our realtor partly because she had someone to recommend that she felt could help us successfully empty out our basement and get ready for the move to Vantage House.  Eileen and her team of helpers certainly did meet all of our expectations and more.

Eileen works with a team of two other women Monday through Friday. She explained to us her prices, time schedule, mode of operation, and list of people with whom she deals while doing the downsizing before we started. The team would go through items in a systematic and sequential process and then present me with items which I needed to decide if they were to go with us, go into storage, or be given to charity. Before starting we gave them a list items which we wanted specifically to save so that when they came across them we could decide where to store them.

Eileen was in touch with scrap metal people (filing cabinets), scrap paper and shredding, antique dealers, stamp authority, rare book collector, etc.; so that items of worth could be seen by buyers at the house. Her knowledge of sources and ability to work carefully, but swiftly, made the difficult process proceed with the least pain. By the end of a few weeks we felt we were sharing our family history with special friends since they had seen so much of what we had saved from parents and children. There was found treasures, the sale of items, and handling of valuable items. In all, Eileen dealt with honesty and care.

I heartily recommend Dakota Downsizing for any persons in a similar circumstance who must go through many family treasurers in a limited amount of time. It was still exhausting, but very much a great experience due to her sensitivity, experienced eye, and important contacts

Paula R.

Adult children helping parents with unplanned transitions

Eileen Golian and her assistants did an amazingly efficient job cleaning out my mother’s house upon her move to an apartment.

They very systematically organized the items which could be sold, and those to be given or hauled away. Eileen has an extensive contact list for the right person or organization to contact for each type of item, and before anything was given away or sold she checked with me to be sure there was nothing that we wanted to keep. The fact that I didn’t need to contact and coordinate with multiple organizations myself made the whole process much more manageable.

Having Eileen do the organizing and coordination of the entire process of cleaning out the house was a life saver for me during a difficult transition for our family, and I can’t recommend her services highly enough.

Heather D.

Executor of estate needing to liquidate remaining household assets

Jill’s colleague Eileen was so incredibly helpful in going through the home in which my parents lived for 45 years. Eileen sorted through every room and every item with more attention and detail than I could muster; organizing a lifetime of belongings and even finding a treasured historic memento I feared had been lost.  Eileen sold or donated items my family no longer wanted, always consistent with and respectful of our values and always with an eye toward maximizing our profit.” 5/2012

PS  “Thanks again for spotting my dad’s Haggada (Passover prayer book) that my dad’s mom snuck into his suitcase as he was fleeing Germany.  It is the most precious item I own.”    3/2013

Karen G.

Empty nesters reducing clutter in their home


DIY clients needing advice on whom to call to liquidate assets

Time-challenged professionals preparing for a relocation or divorce

Real estate agents referring clients who have no family locally

Social service workers referring clients in crisis

Client Testimonials

Dakota Downsizing
When I decided to move to a Retirement Village, I was faced with moving from a family-sized townhouse to a one-bedroom apartment.  I  needed to dispose of numerous household items that had been accumulated during 50+ years of married family life.  The prospect was very daunting.

My real estate agent, a specialist in the relocation of clients in an "eldercare" situation, introduced me to Ms. Eileen Golian, the owner/operator of "Dakota Downsizing".  While I was not familiar with this type of service, engaging Dakota Downsizing was a very fortuitous experience for me.

Ms. Golian and her staff worked very diligently to uncover our accumulated items and strategize their disposal, items that I hadn't seen or used for years.  She has numerous contacts, private and commercial, small and large, available for the timely disposition of items, through either sale or donation.  Items identified as trash were made ready for pickup by the county on their regular schedule, or taken to the county disposal facility.  The other items were scheduled for pickup so that there was a constant/daily flow of material from my home.

The income from sales far exceeded the cost of Ms. Golian's services.  At the conclusion of her efforts, Ms. Golian provided a list of the donations for tax reporting purposes.  She also provided a daily listing of items sold.

Dakota Downsizing worked very harmoniously with other contractors performing various efforts to prepare my home for sale and for my relocation.  I highly recommend engaging the services of Dakota Downsizing to anyone considering the sale of their home, particularly those in an "eldercare" situation.

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