Why Hire Us

Dakota Downsizing has a very large network of appraisers, auction houses, buyers, charitable organizations and other service professionals to call upon.  We often work in tandem with real estate agents, home stagers, movers and family members.

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I have worked with Eileen and her team on numerous jobs and would highly recommend them.  Eileen comes on the scene when homeowners (who are selling their house) may be a little overwhelmed by my recommendations to declutter, edit, and purge.  Often times, Eileen and her team help sellers go through decades of accumulated items.

I have even called her in an emergency situation and she was able to quickly coordinate the liquidation process for my seller.  She is caring, as well as organized and knowledgeable, about how to get the job done.

Karen Ellis – Home Stager                                            www.RefreshingHomes.com

Our personalized service is what sets us apart. Clients are very grateful they have found a trustworthy and respectful advocate to help them, even with the smallest details. If you have a to do list, we’ll take care of it.

Guess what we found?   We diligently inspect every item. We now have a four-page list of unbelievable stuff we have found that clients forgot they had.  Some were family treasures, others sold to buyers for hundreds of dollars!

Our company’s mission is to be eco-friendly.  There is no reason to throw something out if we can be resourceful in finding ways to donate, recycle or give away items you no longer need.

We understand.  Downsizing a senior client is often complicated by issues such as family dynamics, financial constraints and health conditions.

Make no excuses – We will do whatever it takes, so our clients do not have the burden of finishing the job.